At any moment you could lose a platform audience so it’s important to insure against a total loss

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A simple and free way to boost your mood

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We are not okay

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Here’s everything I did wrong so you don’t have to

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Now is not the time to be sending out tone-deaf promo material

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The sooner we accept our own quirks, the sooner we’ll be happy

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And why the ‘invasion of privacy’ argument won’t fly

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In fact, a viral trend could do more harm than good

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Viral Trends


How bringing value to your audience brings value to your business

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Whether you’re dealing with clinical depression or just in a bit of a funk, sometimes we all need an easy roadmap to get us back on track

Kirsty Hutton

Founder of marketing agency, Style Publishing | Obsessed with marketing | Children’s book author | Journalist | Personal Trainer | Degrees in Law and Media

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